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Vintage Trouble

Vintage Trouble: making classic feel fresh. Courtesy of

Vintage Trouble is a rarity these days: a group that defines itself as both rock and soul. Drawing from the voice and groove-driven sounds of the late 1950s and 1960s, lead vocalist Ty Taylor’s smooth pitch and finger snapping stage moves are often compared to Otis Redding and Ike Turner. The era is visibly echoed in the band’s skinny suit and fedora style as well as videos such as “Nancy Lee” which evoke the pre-rave days of juke joints and spontaneous twisting.

Like their clothes, more tailored than flashy, the band projects the confidence of experienced musicians. Drum beats aren’t about fancy tricks but keeping time while the bass and guitar lines feel spare and punctuated. Listeners can hear each of the four members in every song; nothing gets lost behind a wall of noise. Even in the band’s raucous “Blues Hand Me Downs,” the lines never lose their articulation. On the flip side, “Gracefully” may be one of the more perfect Sunday afternoon songs to come along in decades.

Ironically Vintage Troubles is anything but old or problematic. Formed in 2010, the Los Angeles group admits it found its footing much easier than most. A three day studio recording intended for demo purposes only ending up yielding the twelve songs that formed The Bomb Shelter Sessions, released in 2011 (April 2012 in the US) and the band’s only record to date.

However, Voodoo audiences needn’t be concerned that the group isn’t seasoned enough for live performance. Not only did the band record The Sessions in full takes, but the group already has a a complete tour under its belt. All four members are veteran musicians, and it’s clear that Vintage Troubles has LA slickness and media savvy. Sensing that it would have better luck launching itself in Europe before the US, Vintage Troubles amassed a following there in both in clubs and during a stadium segment as opening act for Bon Jovi. The Bomb Shelter Sessions became the #1 R&B and #2 Rock best-selling digital albums in the UK.

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