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Dirty Linen Detours

Just steps from Royal Street are can’t-miss galleries offering special programming during Dirty Linen Night on August 13.

Dirty Linen Night, which kicks off Saturday, Aug. 13 (following the ever-sophisticated White Linen Night on Aug. 6), is considered by many to be the quirkier and less formal of the two art walks. But if you’re looking for a gallery experience even more off the beaten path, or if you find yourself hungry for more on the evening of August 13, consider checking out some of these Dirty Linen “detours.”

Dirty Linen Night coincides with the Second Saturday Art Walk in the St. Claude Arts District, and there are many other galleries hosting unique and interesting events of their own that evening. Whether you follow the map we’ve provided or simply pick and choose from the available offerings, consider bringing your dirty linen some place new!

Dirty Linen Detours

Claire Elizabeth Gallery, 131 Decatur St.

The French Quarter’s Claire Elizabeth Gallery will host an opening reception from 6-8 p.m. for the exhibition LA Visions, exploring Louisiana’s ineffable “essence of place” through the work of artists Michael Eble, Frances Rodriguez, and Ashley Rouen. From lush bayous to Creole architecture to post-Katrina devastation, Louisiana’s landscape is an ever-shifting intersection of manmade and natural forces. The artists of LA Visions approach this convergence from all angles, through topographical and abstract landscapes, views of blight and abandonment, and images of the state’s iconic architecture we all know so well.

UNO St. Claude Gallery, 2429 St. Claude Ave.

The UNO St. Claude Gallery will host an opening reception from 6-9 p.m. for the exhibition A Near Visible Past, showcasing the work of James L. Hayes. Currently a lecturer at the CIT Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork, Ireland, Hayes specializes in modernist sculpture and sculptural installations. A Near Visible Past, developed in part during Hayes’ residency at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, includes sculpture and documentary film, and seeks to explore the relationship between artist, artisan, and the physical objects they create.

Where Y’Art Gallery, 1901 Royal St.

Have you ever walked into a gallery and wanted to know more about a particular piece, but felt uncomfortable approaching a gallerist to ask questions about it? The all-female group show Fairer Sex, Set Two will open with a launch party at The Where Y’Art Gallery from 7-10 p.m., and show-goers will be invited to interact with the work according to their own comfort level. By scanning QR codes, participants will be able to learn more about the artists and what inspires them, as well as shop additional works in their catalogues on

Fairer Sex, Set Two will feature works by 14 local artists, including Muffin BernsteinRebecca BordelonAnne CassidyAmy HarvieHolly HeineHannah JoyceAlex KilburnNancy Wolfe KimberlyConnie KittokKel MurSarah NelsonFrances SwigartJordan Wade and Teri Walker. For more information about Where Y’Art’s unique take on the gallery experience, check out the following short video.

Fairer Sex, Set Two is the second half of a dual-location all-female group show. The first half, Fairer Sex, Set One is on view at The Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery, 535 Tchoupitoulas.

The Front, 4100 St. Claude Ave.

The Front, a St. Claude Avenue gallery with four rooms intended to hold multiple exhibitions, will host an opening reception from 6-10 p.m. for HEKS/SMUK, with works by artists Ryn Wilson and Michael Arcos; Pull, with works by Kelly Mueller; and A Quietness, Distilled, with works by Kathleen Saunders. The exhibitions will feature a variety of media—video installation, photography, collage, musical collaboration, drawings, paintings, and sculptural installation—and the unique spatial orientation of The Front excites visitors as they wander from one curated universe to the next.

Studio BE, 2941 Royal St.

If you’re interested in New Orleans street art, visit Studio BE from 6-8 p.m. and join the discussion. The forum, “Art + Place: Mural and Street Arts,” hosted by the Arts Council New Orleans, will include guests Brandan “B Mike” Odums and artists from the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s exhibition “Top Mob: A History of New Orleans Graffiti.” Audience members will be invited to chime in, ask questions, and contribute to the dialogue exploring the intersection between street art, political engagement, history, culture, and community identity.

Good Children Gallery, 4037 St. Claude Ave.

From 6-9 p.m., Good Children Gallery will host the opening reception for Contronym, featuring sculpture and collage by local artist Scott Andresen. Contronym, showcasing pieces from Andresen’s “Erosion Series” as well as new works, will explore the concept of repair and, in Andresen’s own words, “the joining of the unlikely.” Each piece seeks to manifest the multi-step process of deconstruction and reparation, the results of which elicit a wide variety of emotional responses on the part of the viewer.

New Orleans Art Center, 3330 St. Claude Ave.

For a group art exhibition paired with a rollicking theater experience, visit the New Orleans Art Center from 6-9 p.m. for the opening reception of Transcendence. Transcendence, meant to set the emotional and narrative tone for the musical theater production Lizzie to follow, will feature more than 15 local artists, including Sergio Alvarez, Muffin Bernstein, Alois Paul Champagne, Ray Cole, Michael Fedor, Mitchell Gaudet, Jim Grice, Christina Juran, Barbie L’Hoste, Samantha Mullen, Britney Penouilh, Gary Michael Smith, Colleen Shannon, Leona Strassberg Steiner, and Alan Zakem. Viewers will then be invited to experience Lizzie, a “bloody tale of rage, sex, and betrayal,” featuring actress Leslie Claverie.

Where Y’Art is a curated community of over 100 New Orleans artists, where you can meet the people creating art, learn their stories, and even find them on the ground in the City. Discover, follow, and shop the art of our community online at and in New Orleans at 1901 Royal St.

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