Take A Ride On A Riverboat: The Steamboat Natchez

If you’ve ever heard a cheerful, chirping organ piping through the French Quarter and wondered where the heck it was coming from – that would be the ubiquitous Steamboat Natchez calliope.  The calliope is iconic in New Orleans, as is the watercraft it’s built on. The red and white steamboat is the last authentic one roaming the Mississippi River. The Natchez makes daily and nightly departures from the port along the Riverwalk with meals offered on all cruises. Live jazz is provided by the long-running boat band, the Dukes of Dixieland for the entertainment of all passengers.

Video Transcript

A great way to spend two hours of your time when you’re here in New Orleans
and get to see the city, have a great meal, and see live jazz is on the
Steamboat Natchez Dinner Cruise. Just like steamboats have since the
antebellum south, this round-trip cruise departs from the Riverwalk right
next to the French Quarter. As soon as you board the ship, you’re greeted
with live jazz. In fact, for the last 50 years, the Dukes of Dixieland have
entertained passengers with their traditional Dixieland jazz on the night
cruise. There’s a lot to do on board. You can tour the engine room and learn how a
steam engine works, gaze at the giant wood paddle wheel at the stern, and
walk around the many decks while enjoying the view with a delicious
cocktail. Whether you’re doing the daytime or the nighttime cruise, you can
enjoy a nice sit-down meal with some nice New Orleans-style food like some
corn maque choux, some fried catfish, good stuff. So much fun and very
romantic, too. A great place to bring a date or even propose. And if the
dinner cruise isn’t your thing and you’re looking for something more family
friendly, they also do this cruise during the day as well. I’m Fleurty Girl
and that wraps up another edition of GoNOLATV and we’ll see you next time,

If you’ve ever heard a cheerful, chirping organ piping through...